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The Marianne Newman Online Art Gallery is an extension to Marianne Newman Gallery.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through the artworks supplied by our many artists. Our Art Gallery features fine art consisting of unique and limited edition art prints (traditional and digital), contemporary painting, drawing and works of mixed media. We also exhibit hand crafted pieces in the disciplines of glass art, ceramic art, textiles and wearable art through jewellery.

The artworks are broken into the following categories:
Artist - You can search artworks by individual artists.
Medium - You can search artworks according to their medium:

Ceramic Paint on Board
Drawing Paint on Canvas Sculpture
Paint on Paper Textile

All the artworks displayed are available and ready to be displayed on a new wall or home.
All images of artworks are courtesy of the artist for use in the sale process and remain the copyright of the artist.

The artworks featured below are a part of our current art exhibition. If you are interested in them please click on them for greater detail.

Stewart Kelly
View of Sacre Coeur

AU $310.00

Husband Colin
Paris Burning

AU $2 000.00
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